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The Retriever Journal  A stylish magazine that covers training and hunting with retrievers.  Some of the most knowledgeable trainers in the country are regular contributors.  James writes the One on One column.
Just Labs.   A new magazine from the publishers of The Retriever Journal.  It focuses on Labrador retrievers and their impact on our daily lives.  James is a frequent contributor.
Gun Dog  A magazine that covers the training and hunting of all gun dog breeds.
Retrievers Online Dennis Voigt produces this magazine that covers technical training concepts and set-ups like no other retriever magazine.  James is a regular contributor.
Retriever Field Trial News A source of information for retrievers--covers field trial/hunt test results with advertisements from suppliers, breeders, etc.


Total E-collar Conditioning with Mike Lardy A new training video by the best in the business.  Mike Lardy's newest video will show you how to introduce and use an electronic collar in your training program.
Total Retriever Training by Mike Lardy and Total Retriever Marking by Mike Lardy
Two different video collections showing Mike Lardy training retrievers from puppies to National Field Champions.  These videos are worth the price.
The Rex Carr-Dave Rorem Retriever Training Seminar
Video of a training seminar hosted by two of the best retriever trainers in the nation.

Recommended Books...
Charles Morgan on Retrievers
Edited by Ann Fowler and D.L. Walters. The techniques and thoughts by one the best trainers and handlers in the history of field trials. Highly recommended.
Training Retrievers to Handle
By D.L. and Ann Walters. The best book for teaching handling from one of the all-time greats.
Training with Mike Lardy
A collection of training articles by Mike Lardy as they appeared in The Retriever Journal.
Tri-Tronics Retriever Training
By Jim & Phyllis Dobbs with Alice Woodyard. A book for those new to electronic collars and a great reference for types and diagrams of drills.  This book is also useful for non-collar trainers.
Training and Campaigning Retrievers
By Jack M. Gwaltney, Jr M.D. A book for the serious retriever trainer.  Education and attitude in training is emphasized.
Working Retrievers
By Tom Quinn. A great overall outlook on training retrievers with beautiful artwork by the author. Recently
Training Your Retriever
By James Lamb Free. A classic with useful information for today's trainers.
Retriever Training Tests
By James Spencer. A look at how various factors, e.g. wind, terrain, suction, affect a retriever's performance in
the field.
Water Dog
By Richard Wolters. A revolutionary book for its time by one of the sport's top-selling authors and a pioneer of the hunt test movement.
Retriever Training for Field Trials, Hunt Tests and Hunting
By Bill Hillman. Short takes from dozens of pros and amateurs on a multitude of training issues.
Training Retrievers: The Cotton Pershall Method
By Bobby George, Jr. A look into the history of retrievers with one of the best trainers in the sport while presenting a lot of good information on training at the same time.
Fetch and Carry: A Treatise on Retrieving
By B. Waters. Published in 1895, an interesting and educational look at training in the 19th Century. Recommended, but hard to find.
Wing & Shot
By Robert Wehle. Written for pointer training, but can also be utilized for training flushing dogs.
Books by E. Donnal Thomas, Jr. 
Don Thomas writes about the outdoors, retrievers, bird hunting, big game hunting, and fly fishing like no other.  His eloquent writing will take you along on his journeys with gun and dog. 

Most of these books can be bought through Barnes & Noble Online.  www.bn.com

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