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Some of my favorite training partners at an Ohio Hunt Test in 1998

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Pine Acre Retrievers is a small, family run kennel located in northern Indiana.  We are dedicated to gun dogs and concentrate our efforts on field-bred Labrador retrievers for hunting, and hunt tests.  All of our dogs are registered with the American Kennel Club.

Our retrievers are working retrievers, are hunted on waterfowl, upland game, are amateur trained and run in AKC licensed hunt tests.  We are active in the AKC Hunt Test field, campaigning our labs throughout the country and have titled dogs in Junior through Master, including at the Master National.  We are active members of Backwater Retriever Club; Victoria is the former secretary; James has served in various positions from board member to Vice-president to President and he is also the current Region II Vice-President of the Master National Retriever Club.  He previously served as the Master National Retriever Club's Director of Region II, Secretary and Hunt Test Secretary

James enjoys writing about and photographing retrievers.  He writes The Retriever Journal's One on One column and his photography regularly appears in the magazine.  His writing is dedicated to and geared towards helping those who train their own retrievers for hunting and hunt tests.   He is also a regular contributor to Just Labs, Retrievers Online, and other magazines.  To view a partial list of articles he has written go to our writing page.  When time permits, both of us serve as AKC Hunt Test Judges.  Our kennel is a family affair, and our three children actively take part in the raising, training and just plain having fun with our retrievers.

We support many organizations including:

We are dedicated supporters of wildlife and the environment and feel that conservation is everyone's responsibility.   We are currently in the process of converting our training property from former farmland to a retriever training area with improved wildlife habitat.  With the help of several state and federal conservation programs, we are restoring native prairie grasses for brood habitat and planting various trees and shrubs for wildlife habitat and food sources.  This small change in our area should help upland, waterfowl and big game species thrive.  There are many sources of information on conservation out there, and we are in the process of developing a page of information on this site.  Click here to go to our conservation page.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our web site.

James and Victoria

Photo courtesy of Bruce Foster
James, Powder and Victoria at the 2000 Master National (photo courtesy of Bruce Foster)

  Two Buddies
Bridger and his Birdboy

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