PAR Frequently Asked Questions

Pine Acre Jim's Bridger MH

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Here is a list of frequently asked questions that may help you get a better feel for how our kennel operates.
How often do you have litters available?
We are a small kennel and have on average one to two litters per year.
Do you take reservations for puppies?
Yes, reservations are highly recommended.  Many of our puppies are reserved before they are whelped and normally all are sold before they reach 7 weeks of age.
How do we reserve a puppy?
First you need to contact us via e-mail or the phone and we will discuss your expectations in a puppy.  We will discuss your experience, desires, use for the puppy, etc.   If everything is agreeable, a $200 deposit is required to reserve a puppy.  Deposits can be made with cash, check, PayPal transfer or by credit card through PayPal.  An additional 3% service fee is required for credit card or PayPal payments.  Checks require ten working days to clear.
Are deposits refundable?
They are refundable if we cannot produce the color/sex of puppy that you reserve.   Otherwise they are not.  Do not send a deposit if you are not totally committed to purchasing a puppy.  If you decide to purchase a puppy elsewhere or not get a puppy, we thank you for your donation.
What traits do you breed for in your pups?
We breed for health, temperament and retrieving/hunting desire.  We want to produce a puppy that the average, hunter/amateur trainer can train on their own with a minimum of fuss.
What type of dogs do you breed?
We breed field Labrador retrievers.  The studs are either FC AFC or Master Hunter titled.  The dams are normally hunt test titled, although we will breed an untitled bitch if her field performance meets our expectations.  Our retrievers are hunted on a variety of game birds.   We don't use brood bitches and we do not breed for the show type of dog, pointing labs or so-called British style labs.  All breeding dogs are health certified for hips through the OFA, and eyes through CERF.
Do you offer a health guarantee with your puppies?
Yes, we offer a written guarantee on our puppies' hips and eyes.  We stand behind our puppies and we want you to be satisfied.  If you live up to your end of the partnership, i.e. proper care, attention, and contractual agreements, we will live up to ours.
What color of puppies do you produce?
We primarily breed for health, temperament, and retrieving/hunting drive.  However, we do offer all three colors depending on the particular litter.  We do not "specialize" in any particular color.
What type of Lab are you trying to produce?
We strive to produce a retriever that is healthy, has a sound, agreeable temperament and loves to work.  We want a retriever that lives to retrieve, but yet is a pleasure to be around at all times in and out of the house. 
Are your retrievers good around children?
Yes, if the owner treats them with respect and teaches them proper obedience.  We have three young children who are in constant contact with our dogs and it is hard to imagine dogs better suited for families.
Why do you breed Labrador retrievers?
Retrievers are our family's passion.  We enjoy training them, hunting them, testing them, trialing them, and just plain old spending time with them.  Our love of these dogs has led us to try to return something positive to the breed, and we do that through our breeding program and the time we devote to the retrievers sports.
Do you provide professional training for retrievers?
No, we do not offer professional dog training.  We train our own dogs exclusively.   However we are happy to answer questions that any of our puppy owners ask.  If we don't know the answer, we will be glad to provide possible resources or names of trainers that may be able to provide the training needed.
Should we purchase a puppy at this time?
Only you can answer this question.  Puppies are a huge responsibility that require a lot of work and money to care for and train.  If you are not able to make the commitment at this time in time money and resources, do not purchase one.

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